Spice up Your Lawn with Zombie Apocalypse Garden Gnomes

Forget about the typical boring little gnomes, these have something new to offer.

I want these Gnomes!

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Product Description

Spice up your garden layout with Zombie Apocalypse Garden Gnomes. Forget about the typical boring little gnomes, these have something new to offer. Yes, they are zombies. And yes, they will look absolutely amazing in your garden.

They are also perfectly harmless. That is, if you don’t happen to be a hot-pink garden flamingo. If you are, then watch out, because the zombie gnomes want your brains. However, if you just happen to be a human, fear not: these zombie gnomes won’t hurt you.

There are several zombie gnomes to choose from, but you may as well collect them all for some exciting garden battles. Zombie Gnome is your typical undead looking for a brain to eat. Survivor Gnome is there to offer some resistance and save us all from the zombie apocalypse. Evil Gnome is a tricky fellow, but no less charming than the others. Finally, Rising Gnome pops out of the ground to join the rest of the zombie army. The gnomes are between 9 inches (23 cm) and 11.4 inches (30 cm) tall and made of resin. Each gnome is painted in bright colors and has an individual style. Together, these gnomes make a glorious sight and will transform your boring old garden.

In case you are really into garden gnomes and worry that a zombie gnome might cramp your style, fear not. These gnomes are actually really cute and can easily fit into any garden gnome family. They are just a little different, but different is not bad, right?

This is a great opportunity for all zombie fans to add a personal touch to their gardens. And if it keeps nasty neighbors away, all the better.