LEGO meets zombies: LEGO ZOMBIE NERD with coffee cup – Custom Minifigure

This custom minifig combines LEGO brilliance with zombie aesthetics.

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Product Description

This custom minifig combines LEGO brilliance with zombie aesthetics. What happens when an ordinary LEGO nerd finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? He becomes zombified of course.

The brilliance of this piece is simple: people like LEGO minifigs, and people like zombies. Chances are that the very same people who like LEGO will also like zombies, so this minifig is win-win.

This cute LEGO zombie has it all. It’s a standard LEGO minifigure with a twist. This nerdy little guy has a sweater with a bowtie, glasses, and even a special nerd coffee cup. He’s also a zombie with a pained facial expression and blood around his mouth. His glasses are broken and his face is all grey. This is a geeky little zombie on his way to get some braaaaaains… and coffee.

You can’t help but feel sorry for this guy. Imagine you’re chilling out, just wanting to get a cup of coffee. And then, bam! Zombie apocalypse. It’s all brilliantly captured in this LEGO minifig. The custom coffee cup only makes it more special.

This is a great collectible for all fans of LEGO minifigs. With thousands and thousands of minifigs on the market it’s sometimes difficult to choose the best ones, but this little guy is definitely a must-have. It’s a great collectible and it can also be used with ordinary LEGO. It will enhance any plain old LEGO set and make it more exciting.