Cuteness Abundance: Narwhal USB Heated Slippers

On the cute scale from one to ten, this one reaches its own level.

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Product Description

On the cute scale from one to ten, this one reaches its own level. Narwhal USB Heated Slippers are adorable soft plush slippers shaped as chubby little narwhals. You don’t really need to know anything more – this alone is enough to make you want them. Seriously, look at them. Just look at them.

Imagine feeling cozy and relaxed with two cute narwhals on your feet. These slippers are soft, warm and incredibly comfortable. You’ll have happy little narwhals smiling and hugging your feet. Alright, the last one might be too much for a mental image, but you get the point.

These narwhal slippers are not just a cute but useless novelty item; they’re actually pretty comfortable slippers that you can use for all your serious foot-warming needs. Best of all, they come with a foot warmer and they are perfect for people with super-cold toes. The slippers plug into a USB port so you can charge them quickly and easily. Just remember to unplug them before you start walking around the house.

They are made in a “one size fits all,” which usually means “good luck feeling comfortable in this,” but people claim they’re surprisingly stretchable while being tight enough for a wide range of sizes. Narwhal slippers are perfect for those who like cuteness and toasty warm feet (and aren’t ashamed to admit it).


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