Arts & Crafts: Exclusive Wooden Catapult Kit

Feeling creative but unsure what to do? Build a wooden catapult.


Product Description

Feeling creative but unsure what to do? Build a wooden catapult. This mini weapon allows you to engage your artistic spirit because it has to be built from scratch. But best of all, you make something you can actually use.

This Exclusive Wooden Catapult Kit comes with everything you need to build your personal catapult (minus the glue). The kit contains a laser-cut hardwood frame, which means it’s truly sturdy and made for precision. You also get wheels and axles, high strength cordage, and special wooden ammunition. It’s so beautiful you’ll want to place it in your living room for everyone to see. It’s not just a toy or a miniature replica; it’s a work of art.

Now, you might wonder why anyone would want a catapult. The truth is, if you have to ask, you don’t deserve it. There are many creative ways to use the catapult, and the limit is your imagination. It’s great for bringing life to boring days. You can organize a battle against your friends. Or you may simply want to see how far it can throw (hint: around 20 feet or 6 meters). You may want to use it on an obnoxious co-worker who doesn’t want to shut up. We don’t recommend it, but, you know… that’s certainly an option.


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