10 Weirdest LEGO Sets

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LEGO Town Square

Set 1592: Town Square – Castle Scene

This colorful set was offered as part of the Classic Town theme. It’s really detailed, with eleven minifigures and an elaborate town square scene. There were two versions of the set: the English version from 1980 and the Dutch version that was released in 1983.

Why it’s weird

You may think this is a perfectly ordinary LEGO set, one of those huge, colorful sets all kids want. Well, yes and no. Look again and you’ll see a modern town scene, an interesting statue, some traffic… and wait a second, what’s that? A castle with medieval warriors?

This is one of the rare sets that combine two completely different themes. It features a mixture of Classic Town items with medieval items that are better suited for the LEGO Castle theme. The weirdest thing is that there’s no context and no explanation. Those little medieval guys are hanging out, chilling and overlooking a modern town square with shops and cars. Also, there’s a horse pulling a cart. WTF? Were the LEGO designers mighty drunk when they made this one? Or maybe it was some sort of an inside joke? We’ll never know.

Why it’s cool

This is an amazing set full of great pieces. It includes eleven different minifigures, some of which are dressed in full medieval warrior attire. This weird mix works on so many levels; you to get both a modern Town scene and a Castle scene in one set.

There could be an explanation for all of this. Maybe the medieval warriors are just actors employed in the castle. As we all know, many European towns have remains of old castles within the city. So yes, it’s plausible. Or perhaps there’s something else going on, like time travel. Or, you know, a typical renaissance fair. Use your imagination to explain it. Whatever you think about the strange mix, one thing is certain: this is a great set that keeps on giving.

Theme: Town. Sub-theme: Classic. Year: 1980. Pieces: 471. Minifigures: 11.

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